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Tyler Childers' Long Violent History Album Showcases his Bluegrass Roots

With every album Tyler Childers releases, there is something new in store for listeners. His Long Violent History project treated his fans to a surprise - all of the tracks were instrumental fiddle songs, except for the last one, the album's title track.

The Eastern Kentucky native featured 8 songs played solely on the fiddle, reminiscent of

bluegrass and roots music that comes out of the Appalachian region. The album is full of emotion - although there are no vocals throughout, Childers' conviction is ever so prevalent in the music, and his bluegrass roots shine through his instrumentation. He features fiddles as the predominant performing force, backed by banjos, mandolins, and harmonicas in true Bluegrass style.

He released a video along with the album titled "A message from Tyler," explaining his intentions for the album, and urging his fan base to sympathize with and understand the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. This message shows in the final track, "Long Violent

History," the only song which Childers sings on. The lyrics detail his thoughts on racial injustice and the "Long Violent History" in the world. He ends the track to conclude the album with an instrumental part of "My Old Kentucky Home," his home state's official song.

He also revealed that 100% of the proceeds from Long Violent History will go towards the Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund, which financially supports philanthropic efforts towards struggling Appalachian communities. Long Violent History follows the release of Country Squire in 2019, and is available to download and stream everywhere.


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