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Tyler Ray Making Life Aesthetically Pleasing

Tyler Ray released his debut EP, “Malachi.” This album contains three songs, “Malachi Intro”, “Aesthetically Pleasing”, and “302 To Her City.” Tyler Ray created his own company in 2021, MR.Ray Visuals with the motto “creating a life worth living.” He built an aesthetically pleasing life for himself through his music and those who surround him. Ray released his first single this past year, “Overseas Heartbreak,” and it was streamed in 3 countries. “You’re aesthetically pleasing, in love with all of your seasons,” sings Ray. “Girl you're intriguing you give me something to believe in.” With this line, he is telling a girl that she is beautiful no matter the day. He also sings, “You were my missing puzzle piece, but now I’m complete.” This album is just the start to Tyler Ray’s music career and is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify now.


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