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In Hebrew, ’Stav’ means Autumn. As this time of the year is special to her, STAV G chose to release ‘Leaves’ as the first single from her upcoming EP ‘Songs From the Aether.’ New York-based vocal artist STAV G releases the new single ‘Leaves’ on November 5th, accompanied by a music video. This is the first EP to be released following her debut album, STAV.

Inspired by a vivid dream featuring the physical manifestation of an internal being unraveling, the song 'Leaves' externalizes the inner thoughts and emotions, visualized as notes and leaves drafted in the wind. The recording is a product of the collaboration between STAV G and producer and sound designer Avi Elbaz. The song was written, composed, and recorded within the span of a day. It was only natural for Yaniv Glaser to paint it with the New York Fall's foliage in the music video.

Hailing from Israel, STAV fuses Mediterranean and Western musical styles and electro- acoustic production. She found a home in the rich culture of New York, collaborating with such artists as guitarist Charlie Rauh, tap-percussionist Sandra Kluge, stage and puppet designer Marte Johanne Ekhougen, and Jocelyn McKenzie’s PUSH Collective. Enriched by the incorporation of human touch and plants, her work utilizes technology to add to her computer-based live performances in various venues across the city, including Saint Anne’s Warehouse, Sunnyvale, Bowery Electric, and more.

Follow on IG and FB: @stavgmusic

Contact: Stav German |


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