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Wild Rivers's New Single "Pink Shades" Shares a Message of Encouragement

In their newest single "Pink Shades," Indie-Folk band Wild Rivers shares a message of encouragement with beautiful harmonies and inspirational lyrics.

Lead singer Khalid Yassein wrote the lyrics after several conversations with loved ones about their struggles with depression. He likens mental illness to taking off a pair of rose-colored glasses - he sings:"Said you lost your pink shades / And someone turned the light on." But Yassein encourages the listener to press on. "But keep trying," the lyrics continue with words of hope in the chorus. The track features a steady acoustic guitar throughout, and harmonies between Yassein and bassist Devan Glover. Over the warm melody, the lyrics are comforting - they are sure to be relatable to many, especially in today's atmosphere where anyone could use a little inspiration.

The new song is the first the band has put together as a group since their production had been cut short due to the pandemic. They have been releasing previously recorded singles over the summer, but "Pink Shades" is their newest, and it's available to download and stream everywhere now.


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