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American Dreaming: Andy Ross Releases "All American Heart"

Freedom ringing and American dreaming – Andy Ross celebrates the heartbeat of America in his new single "All American Heart." The track embraces the American way of life: working together to make this country the best. "All American Heart" captures the reality of what life is like for the American working class, the ones who keep this country running.

"The goal was to write a song for the hard working men and women of this country that would pull on the heartstrings of America," says Ross. "I think we nailed it. I'm hoping All American Heart will be the new anthem for the heartbeat of America."

“All American Heart” represents Andy Ross at his core. His career was kicked off with his early single “American Rebel.” The idea behind the song was developed into an entire brand, with Ross as CEO. American Rebel is now a publicly traded company, and trades on NASDAQ as of February 2022— making Andy Ross the ultimate symbol of the American Dream.

Take a listen to Andy Ross' new patriotic track "All American Heart, now available on all streaming platforms! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

For more on Andy Ross and his all-American story, visit and follow him on social media @andyrossrebel. Also visit for information on Ross' company, as well as 2nd Amendment rights and responsible gun ownership.


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