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Annie Foxx “Blood Runs Cold”

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Author: Keith Bunn

Annie Foxx Upcoming Single “Blood Runs Cold”

The New York based Annie Foxx is the new alter-ego project for alt-pop artist Anna Volpe. Annie Foxx is “all about bringing the alternative edge to pop music.” Her brand new single “Blood Runs Cold,” combines a catchy melody with a thunderous drum beat. In her attempt to blend two different genres, Annie Foxx lets loose in this rip-roaring alternative anthem with a captivating pop flair. “Blood Runs Cold” focuses on the power of believing in yourself.

“I’m an army of one ... Just surrender cause I’ve already won,” Foxx declares with conviction. She unapologetically walks the fine line of self-assurance while having an outsider mentality as the song aims to showcase her individuality. Foxx keeps the listener engaged with energized and prolific storytelling. “You’ll never know the fire I've overcome,” Foxx asserts, reminding herself of her past, and looking to the future, while encouraging others to do the same. The edgy pop vibe of “Blood Runs Cold” is perfect for those who simply want to march to the beat of their own drum and recognize their personal accomplishments, while celebrating themselves as individuals.

“Blood Runs Cold” will be available on May 28th! To stay connected with Annie Foxx, follow her on social media @anniefoxxmusic or visit


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