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Be Proud of Our Heartland with “Midwestern Pearl”

How many songs have you heard dedicated to the Midwest? Cody Howell is answering this question with his latest single, “Midwestern Pearl”, a ballad dedicated to the women of the region who never get the love they deserve in pop culture. 

“Midwestern Pearl” is a heartfelt and honest ballad that tugs on heart strings while staying fun. “It’s a story of a fella headed out to harvest and not sure if he’s gonna lose his girl while he’s gone…” says the singer-songwriter, “so he’s out there in the open, left to his own brain, rolling through old memories, and looking towards his American dream.”

The song begins with a driving beat from the drums and strong electric guitars, which combine with Cody’s gritty and authentic voice to create a wistful atmosphere. As the chorus crashes down, the lyrics drive home the theme of love for his home: “Midwestern Pearl, All American Girl, and that heartland dream that makes my heart beat.” 

A native Midwesterner himself, Cody hails from Parsons, Kansas. After serving in the United States Navy for seven years, he’s moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music full time. So far, music city’s been good to him in turn: he appeared on Dolly Parton’s highly anticipated album Rockstar as a background vocalist, and his latest single “High Life” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Country playlist. He’s sure to keep this good momentum going with his debut album, which is slated to release this spring.  

“Midwestern Pearl” is available today on all streaming platforms. Learn more about Cody at and follow him on all social media platforms at @codyhowellcountry . 


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