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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Water Tower! The name has a whole vibe! Can you tell us how you picked it or did it pick you?

It totally picked us! We started playing music next to the water tower in high school, and it only made sense to call ourselves this. Music and the water tower go hand in hand. So do many other things.... like water... and waves in the water.

We love the merch hats you've dropped! Can you describe them? Where can your fans go and check them out?

YAY! Thank you! They are our captain hats. Modeled after a navy captain who sails the water. If yall want one, go to

Now let's rock on with some music talk! You have a rad catalogue, can you talk about your fave work so far?

We really enjoyed releasing the debut album ("Fly Around") under the name Water Tower because it really felt like a new beginning.

What is the new upcoming music that has got you really excited?

We have loved listening to the new Bela Fleck album!

Are you making more room for collabs?

Oh yes, that is our favorite way to collide!

Are there any projects outside of music we should know about?

We are building a scene in Los Angeles at the Silverlake Lounge. It's called Hillbilly Hype House and the next one is November 21st. Last time we had special guest Jonny West (American Idol) jump up on stage for a freestyle!

How do new fans show you support?

We love to meet our new fans on our socials! We check them all and love to interact on ANY of them: TikTok/FB/IG/Twitter/Twitch = @watertowerband

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