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Brakence Recruited Blackbear for a Remix of his Single "Dropout"

Described by many as an "anti-pop" artist, Brackence teamed up with artist & producer Blackbear to remix his single "Dropout," the story of him dropping out of college to pursue his dream career.

The lyrics detail Brakence's experience dropping out of college, Ohio State University, just after his first two weeks. "Dropped out, I was 17 / Now I got more freedom than I've ever seen," he sings with triumph in the chorus. He recounts his family's reactions of disapproval, but despite it he knows he made the right decision for himself:"But I don't wanna finish college, I got hella dreams" he declares. Blackbear comes in with harmony in the chorus and adds his own verse, wondering how those from his past who discouraged him think of his success now.

"Dropout" was released on Brakence's most debut full-length album Punk2 in July. You can download and stream the remix featuring Blackbear everywhere now.


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