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  • Keith Bunn

Brian Berggoetz is Engulfed in a “Purple Haze”

Tucson Arizona-native Brian Berggoetz brings an acoustic Americana charm to the desert with his latest release “Purple Haze.” Looking to adapt a unique sound to his music, Berggoetz delivers sweet harmonies, violin, flute, acoustic guitars, and bass for a honeyed and soothing touch wrapped in Americana elements. His four-piece rock and blues band, The Brian Berggoetz Band, has recently focused on encompassing thick guitar riffs into a soothing melody in such songs like “Purple Haze.” Layering elegant harmonies and guitar into a brilliant cloud, The Brian Berggoetz Band focuses their lyrics on concepts surrounded by love. Not afraid to push the envelope, Brian Berggoetz guides his band to craft visionary lyrics with their newest work, aiming to connect their real-world experiences to their writing. “Purple Haze is all around / I don’t know if I’m coming up or down” they echo, embellishing the song with imaginative lyrics. It’s a refined moment, one that finds Brian Berggoetz at his most vulnerable.

Playing his music all across the city of Tucson since 1989, Berggoetz clearly isn’t a stranger to artistry or performing. He has been involved in shows spanning from Phoenix, Arizona, to Austin, Texas and everywhere in between. Finding his silver lining in his craft, Brian Berggoetz continues to create songs worlds away from other artists.

To connect with Brian, follow him on Instagram @bbergband! Listen to “Purple Haze” and more at:

The Brian Berggoetz Band tour dates and music can be found at:

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