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Lil Cough Drop and Stacey Kelleher Create The Perfect Boyfriend in "Build a Boy"

Pop-rap artist Lil Cough Drop and singer-songwriter Stacey Kelleher teamed up for their collaboration single, "Build a Boy," and it's a contagious track filled with witty lyrics and catchy effects.

The duo cleverly likens building the perfect boyfriend to the children's store Build-A-Bear Workshop, where you can custom create a stuffed animal from scratch. "If I could build a boy, he would be my toy / Fill him up with love and stuff him with joy," the chorus sings. Lil Cough Drop raps to describe the exact details of the boy she would create: "I'd make him six foot two / With them eyes baby blue." The track is full of heavy trap-like beats and effects, perfect for the duo's sublime vocals and melodies to smooth over, captivating from beginning to end.

"Build a Boy" is Lil Cough Drop's most recent release since her debut single "CoughDrop" in February of this year, in addition to Kelleher's first since her April 2020 release of "Come to Life." The Nashville-based artists are a musical match made in heaven - Kelleher's bright, airy vocals with Lil Cough Drop's mellow, smooth rapping make for a fresh combination. You can stream "Build a Boy" everywhere now, and be sure to check the artists out below.


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