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  • Jamison Costolnick

“Calm Down” with Rema and Selena and the easy-listen vibe they bring to the Global 200 Chart

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

With the original track, “Calm Down” by Rema peaking at #57 on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. Chart, it was only right for the song to be given a second chance with a Remix that features no other than Selena Gomez. Rocketing to the top of the Billboard Global 200, occupying one of the first 10 spots, “Calm Down” has caught the attention of audiences for it’s loose, easy-to-listen vibe, and more importantly the vocal dynamic between these two very different, but beautifully collaborated, musicians.

The track itself touches upon the feelings one may feel, but fight, when attracted to someone. Repeating to themselves, Rema sings “Calm Down” as if he is trying to remind himself to play it cool. However, now including Selena, this remix now provides a second perspective, that of a female. In her verses, she expresses her awareness of such feelings, but challenges Rema to prove just how relaxed he can get.

This laid back type of love is preferred by most, and the energy of such is demonstrated flawlessly throughout the structure of the song. Remix or not, the structure, genre, and groove of “Calm Down” is the perfect addition to any push and pull of the heartstrings you have in your life.

“Calm Down” marks the first collaboration between these two, but opens doors for this vibe to be created many times down the road. Re-emerging to get a taste of what direction she should take her music in next, many fans are eager to see what is next for Selena. In addition to this, many new fans of Rema look forward to other possible remixes and collaborations, as perfect as this one, in the future.

All in all, the laid-back, easy-listening of “Calm Down” has excited audiences to the point of shooting it up towards the top of the Global Charts. Almost, too easy-going, it is a sound you can simply not grow away from quickly.

The official music video for “Calm Down”:

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