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  • Anabel Rossi

Chad Bushnell "Whiskey to Work" Album Review

Chad Bushnell is breaking his six year album hiatus with his second full length LP, “Whiskey to Work.” Released on March 24, 2023, this album is a true reflection of the dedication and love that Bushnell has for country music and making his career a success.

The lead single and title track, “Whiskey to Work,” was released in early February of 2023. This song is the album opener off of Bushnell’s sophomore album, a look into the country rock side of Chad Bushnell. Being distilled perfectly among the other 9 songs on the album, the heavily proclaimed “drinking machine” grabs the listeners attention in the very first second of the song’s opening melody. Heavy strikes of the tom toms and deep electric guitar will have any listener ready to put their “Whiskey to Work.”

The second song off of the new album is “Ain’t Much Changed.” This track really brings out the old fashioned country artist in Chad’s musical style and voice. He sings of being the same person that he has always been to everyone around him saying, “still put my jeans on one leg at a time,” while also having his traditional, nightly “few beers.” While he does these routine things in his life, missing the same girl that he always has every single day, is another tradition that Bushnell reveals to the listener. The traditional drum beat, light background fiddle, and ease in Chad’s voice draw the attention of the listener and sets an amazing tone for the rest of the album.

Later on down the album, Bushnell takes the listener to a very soft and intimate setting with the acoustic song “Jesus Came From a Small Town.” Chad takes back to his Christian roots, proclaiming the importance of loving your neighbor and how the “simple things turn the world around.” You can feel the nostalgia of Sunday morning church hidden in the melody of Bushnell’s voice and passion behind the topic of this heartfelt song. “Filthy rich or dirt poor,” the lyrics exclaim the acceptance of all people from the roots that Chad was raised.

Since the release, three song, “Whiskey to Work,” “Ain’t Much Changed,” and “Falling in Love With You” have overtaken Bushnell’s Top 5 “Popular” song on his Spotify ranking. All 33 minutes and 14 seconds of this new Tony tonk album with fill the listener’s ear with emotions like, love, longing, and excitement just to name a few. Listen to Chad Bushnell’s “Whiskey to Work” on all streaming platforms now.


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