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Chrissy Metz's New Single is a "Feel Good" Anthem

"This is Us" star Chrissy Metz's single "Feel Good" is an encouragement for everyone to do what makes them feel good, despite what others may think. The confidence-inducing track is about the moment when she realized that she had to put her focus back on herself.

In the country-pop anthem, Metz sings that caring less about what others think is what makes her feel good, in hopes of inspiring other women to be self-confident. "A little less thinking bout you, a little more feel good," she declares proudly in the chorus. The upbeat, unapologetic tune is perfect for anyone who needs a reminder that their worth is not in anyone's opinions but their own. "I can't worry about what people say, think, or do," she said of her epiphany which inspired the track."I've got to do what feels good to me."

Metz released "Feel Good" along with two other tracks, "Talking to God" and "Actress," both equally inspiring tunes. The single follows the release of "I'm Standing With You," from her feature in the "Breakthrough" soundtrack in 2019. She recently performed her debut at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry with CeCe Winans, Nashville gospel legend. Her unique voice reflects the positive attitude she is known for, alongside her roles in television. You can stream and her "Feel Good" anthem everywhere now.


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