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Comatose Red Ivy - Topic

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

In The Artists Own Words:

About me:

Started in entertainment October 16 2020. I was poisoned left to die that night by my ex not boyfriend but too bad too sad for them I woke up dead now I am dead living, a girl that suddenly and magically wanted a microphone had never ever sang or thought about ever being on a microphone before. Doctors call it Prodigious Savant and my case is severe “miracle”. I have been a writer for 25 years I wrote rhymes and third century riding in all kinds of writing before projecting as a rapper and singer. I am also a voice actor and I’m really good at throwing my voice Shirley if anyone listen to my music you could tell because all of the voices are mine.

I can remember as far back as being in my mothers womb listening to the Beatles the doors and other bands as I anxiously awaiting to land on earth well at least put my feet on earth. my life began with music music has saved my life many times I make music to save lives and I’m sure music will save me again but grew up multicultural listening Nirvana, Snoop Dogg, Violent Femmes, Randy Travis, Taylor Swift, Tool, Elvis

My music is no rules, no bars other than barology are set, no expectations not even a single thought I make sound that is what you can expect. I make sound that makes my heart feel good so essentially it is music that I like I make it mostly for me but for anyone that can feel my pain and relate to me for them too, for hopefully it can help heal them as music has healed me.

all of my lyrics are 100% really real raw, out of my heart. As a matter of fact I do not even write songs none of my songs are written every song is sang first try every try front to back from my heart to the microphone, Press stop hit upload and done, not a single edit.

I cannot even keep up with all the music I make, I am in so many playlist I don’t even know. I am in five or six genres how many places I don’t know. I record I let my heart speak until my heart stops I am not done making music.

Artist do I listen to:

I mostly listen to Mac Miller currently as always I really don’t listen to many artist because I don’t want their influence in my music. I’m taking all of the influence out of my life from the things in my past and my present and let them influence what comes out on my tracks. All of my tracks are all unique from one another none of them are the same or comparable not even related not a single one it's almost as if they are all from different artist.

Dream collaboration?:

I would like to collaborate with Hank Williams Junior or Mac Miller maybe even Maynard James Keenan but without his band, or Elvis Presley.

Future Plans: I don’t have any future plans that has always been one of my big problems my future plans consist of considering suicide today every day I am not a very happy person not at all even though I have the world in the palm of my hands, and a ton of money in my other hand I struggle to find happiness I’m happy making music but there is still a hollowness deep in me deep deep deep I have no plans for the future.

A link to one of my country songs too. Spotify and YouTube links


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