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  • Erin Merimonti

Cowboy Troy Tells Us It's "Gonna Be Alright" In New Single

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Cowboy Troy, famous for breaking grounds in country rap, releases new single “Gonna Be Alright.” He gives listeners a fun positive reminder to “take a deep breath it’ll be just fine.” Listeners all around the world can use this reminder today as the world seems full of bad news and darkness.

This new single is going to become a spring sensation as people start to roll down their windows. These relatable lyrics and catchy beats make it hard not to sing along. The cure to a long hard day is blasting "Gonna Be Alright"and singing along to this catchy tune.

Cowboy Troy, blew up in 2004 with a unique genre he likes to call “hick-hop.” His association with Big & Rich helped grow his audience in the honky tonk/country scene. His biggest hit still to this day is “I Play Chicken with the Train” featuring Big & Rich which has over 4 million streams on Spotify alone.

Not only is Cowboy Troy a musician, he is also a food connoisseur and has his own spices and sauces. He is passionate about food, Texas, and all things country. Growing up in Texas has inspired his unique country sound and helped root his American pride. He grew up listening to Charlie Daniels, the Oak Ridge Boys, ZZ Top, KISS, and hip-hop artist Sir Mix-A-Lot which helped create his distinctive sound.

To shop or listen to Cowboy Troy, visit his website and follow his socials @cowboytroyglobal !


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