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  • Stephanie D'Orso

Dariann Leigh's Decorous Release "Blame It On Me"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Country-pop artist Dariann Leigh has released her latest single “Blame It On Me”, a song that depicts the “blame game” of a corrupted relationship. With engaging instrumentals and Dariann Leigh’s beautiful yet bold voice, the track serves as an impeccable breakup anthem.

As you could’ve guessed it “Blame It On Me” illustrates a broken relationship in which accusations are being thrown around by an irrational ex. Despite being on the chopping block, Dariann Leigh takes pride in protecting her peace by taking the high road. She sings, “You can blame it all on me. Blame it all on me…When you close your eyes at night you’ll know why I’m gone.”

The country-pop track includes a touch of rock and heavy hints of a relatable message allowing it to be a song you want stuck in your head. Written by Butter (Marc) Fortney and Emily Fortney, “Blame It On Me” encompasses the strength and courage in holding your truth.

“Blame It On Me” is now available on all streaming platforms: To learn more about Dariann Leigh you can visit


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