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  • Anabel Rossi

Drew Ryder Smith's New Self Titled EP

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Drew Ryder Smith is finally hitting his fans with what they have been waiting for and anticipating. His first, full-length EP hit all streaming platforms TODAY! The self-titled EP is stacked with seven tracks with five of those seven tracks having already been released to the public. “The Truth” came out in 2021, “Exes” in September of 2022, and the widely known trilogy of Drew Ryder Smith songs (The Bottom of It,” “Calling Me Back,” and “Don’t Wake Me Up) came out February 7th of 2023.

The Drew Ryder Smith masterpiece is a roller coaster of emotions. Smith emphasizes pulling at the listener's heart while also making them feel his anger, sadness, and joy. Drew immerses everyone in exactly what he felt when his pen hit the paper. “Damn Babe” and “Free” are the two unreleased songs off of the newest Drew Ryder Smith release. Both songs are slow-tempo, acoustic melodies where you can hear the sorrow in Ryder’s voice. Both tracks support the energy and flow of the EP as a whole and will touch many hearts of people who can relate to Drew’s vulnerable lyrics.

Drew Ryder Smith put his full, authentic self into this beloved and highly anticipated project. A true look into the heart and mind of Smith is something that he is beyond proud to write and produce. Check out Drew Ryder Smith’s new self-titled EP wherever you listen to music.


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