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Evan Saffer: Frontman/Vocalist John Polimeni: Lead Guitar/Programmer Your latest catalog of music has really made an impact on your fans this far. How surprised were you by the reactions of your fans? Evan: Some platforms are different from others, for example Power of the Lightside seems like our biggest song on Youtube. However, Spotify has Sick As Our Secrets way ahead if you go by the numbers. Personally I think the music video for Beaming Right Up is one of our best and it's further down on the scale. Different strokes for different folks and we keep mixing it up. Our catalog is deepening now and that's always fun, to discover more about this band and what we are about. Our tendency is leaning heavily into groove metal and metal for theater kids so you get these fantastical music videos. I'm excited to keep creating. Can you share your favorite reaction from a close friend or family member? Evan: My ego loves the adoration but usually my close friends or family tend to offer opinions and/or criticize - which on the larger scale of things actually motivates me to do better. I think it's important to find a balance living without and also within. If you want to really feel someone's reaction, look directly in their eyes and hold that attention when you are talking to them. Your whole body will fill up with their truth (and yours)..... it's a kind of magic that I enjoy. I injected that into the lyrics for Sick As Our Secrets "Eyegazer, staring at me, No traces of fear in between us" What happens as an artist when you release new music? Evan: It's a huge moment of turning the page and finalizing a period in your life. That's how I feel with our videos as well because so much time and energy goes into the cast, crew and production and then it's over. I suppose that a lot like life, make the most of it and keep moving forward. I got really sad after the last video shoot wrapped (Together Apart for new album Ragnarock). I was so inspired by Ali Stevens (choreographer) and the team we assembled that I wrote a new song about it (more on that later). However, it's only been 2 months since that video wrapped and we are already in pre-production meetings for the next video. What was the track that took you to a much more elevated place as an artist? Evan: Great question because I don't know if we are always conscious when this happens. I think in the beginning it was Power Of The Lightside (the first song John and I ever wrote together). Since then we've experimented a lot but we really nailed the Disco Metal intention on new tracks like Together Apart, Nothing Contains Us and Wish I Knew You (all tracks from the upcoming Ragnarock album). We also just wrote a brand new song which was inspired from the last video shoot that will be on a future album, most likely 2023, that melts together Metalcore, Disco, Pop for another page in the Makes My Blood Dance cannon. How do you track your progress when it comes to making music? Evan: John and I talk daily and we are always working on new music. We have a bit of a process that more recently includes Allan (drummer) and we are also better understanding our relationship with our Mixer Dave Ogilvie (Tool, Birthday Massacre, Rob Zombie, NIN). Do you make sure you're done with a track first before moving on to the next? Or does it all just mix in together until you're done?

John: No, we never work this way. It's really about where the inspiration hits. Usually I send a fully arranged instrumental skeleton to Evan, he writes the lyrics, melodies, and lays down the vocals. Then it goes to Allan for recording drum parts and adding samples. So we have pieces of songs flying around left and right at all times and we're all simultaneously working on different parts of different songs. We're all working on whatever's next on our plate and what's most inspiring at that moment. What's the impact you want to make with Together Apart? Evan: I think it takes the dance element and theater element of our music to a new level. I believe another type of magic is motion that creates emotion. That is key to feeling what Makes My Blood Dance is about. Get ready for a big production, think Alice in Wonderland meets Rocky Horror Picture Show with a touch of the Matrix thrown in. We signed on a lot of the same team and some new faces for the next production, so we are going to build on what we did in Together Apart and take it further. Together Apart impacts at radio, Spotify and beyond on Valentines Day Feb 14, 2022. The video will see a release later that month with additional singles/music videos and full EP to follow. Links to support: Makesmyblooddance - youtube Makesmyblooddance - instagram Makesmyblooddance - tiktok Makesmyblooddance - facebook Makesmyblooddance - official website

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