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Exclusive Interview: Sydney Ranee

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

"I always stick to my roots. There are so many new trends happening in music and it seems like everyone wants you to ride that wave"

How do you establish your brand of who you are as a musician?

My brand is a little complex. I am definitely an R&B singer but I have elements of soul, rock, funk and jazz in my music.

What significance does being able to present yourself to the world through your art have for you?

I think it's super important to be an artist these days. For me there's so much going on in the world and it's the most rewarding feeling when someone connects with your music and you help them to feel something.

Do you ever take time to reflect on your career?

Absolutely, I think every artist does that. I find myself always wondering what if I did things differently. What if I decided to try out a different genre instead of R&B, what would the result be? I'm glad I stuck with my gut and decided to pursue a career as an R&B artist because that's really where my heart is.

Putting yourself first is important but do you ever feel like you put the music in that position sometimes at all costs?

I absolutely do! Sometimes I have to remember to prioritize myself and take care of my mental health before I get to the music.

What has been the best time spent when creating a song?

The best time creating a song definitely has to be whenever I write music with my boyfriend. He's a guitarist and plays on most of the tracks. We just really get each other.

Could you tell us a story that sticks with you when it comes to the making of that single?

I made "One Night Only" while we were in quarantine. The overall music came to me super quick but it was the lyrics that took a little time. I knew I wanted it to have that 90's vibe, so I tried my best to capture that.

How do you make sure you visit your roots as you progress in your career?

I always stick to my roots. There are so many new trends happening in music and it seems like everyone wants you to ride that wave. I love my music and the genre that I'm in and I do believe it's paying off.

We want to know what your fans are listening to right now that they can't get enough of? My fans have really been digging my last two singles "One Night Only" and "Complicated". What are you considering dropping next?

I'm actually planning on releasing my new single at the beginning of next year followed by an EP dropping early spring.

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