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What are you putting all of your energy into right now?

Andie: That would be our debut EP. Marie and I have been eating, sleeping and breathing the songs going on the EP for months.

What takes up most of your time?

Andie: Musically, it depends. Sometimes it's finding a melody for the lyrics. Which inevitably means re-writing the lyrics. Other times, it's having a cool melody line and deciding if it's part of the verse, the chorus or the bridge. Ugh, bridges......bridges take up a lot of my time and I hate writing them. I drive Marie crazy because I never want to write a bridge for our songs, haha.

What is the quickest thing to get done when making music?

Andie: I would have to say the lyrics are the quickest. But they are also the part that is the most fluid and will change depending on where we go with the melody.

How vocal are you when there is something you don't want to incorporate into your music? Andie: Haha, VERY. But the nice thing is, the team we have in place is very respectful. We are always open to trying something to see if it works. But if Marie and both say 'No, that's not working' we all just move on to the next idea. How are you pushing through everything you have going on? Andie: Taking it day by day. If I start looking too much at everything that needs to get done, I start feeling really overwhelmed. So I carve out things that I can do each day based on priority level. Marie and I still need to talk one another off ledges and I'm glad we can do that for each other. Any tips for artists that want to keep on track with their music? Andie: It sounds so basic but set realistic goals for yourself. Even if it's just a daily goal to work on your songwriting for an hour. How do new fans keep on track with you? Andie: We love having new friends say hi to us on Instagram here: And please follow us on Spotify: The Key of F For Press Inquiries:


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