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Exclusive Interview With Indie-Rock Band, Horace Green

Horace Greene is an indie rock band from Wisconsin. The group is powered by childhood friends Anthony Oakley and Samuel Swetlik, with a vibrant cast of friends/musicians in rotation to bolster the lineup. The music of Horace Greene is mellow yet danceable, teasing elements of disco and psychedelia all while retaining its rock n roll spirit. At the heart of the sound, Oakley’s lyrics are soul-stirring and sincere, navigating themes of loneliness, love, and the human condition. Their latest release “The Diamond Engine,” is a full length album that showcases their colorful mix of influences and further pushes the boundaries of their 60’s-twinged style.

Who are you taking a page from when it comes to achieving your music goals? Mainly Doja Cat, but also Ricky Bobby. What do you have your heart set on for your music career? Tony - "My heart is set on being the first band to play on the moon." Sam - "I just want people to Tango to the songs, ya know?"

When are you finishing up Nighttime Boi? We're excited for the music video! We are excited as well! We just finished up shooting the video this last week and are aiming for a summer release. What was the vision for the visuals? We were trying to create the vibe of exciting things happening that the main character wants to be a part of, thus becoming a "Nighttime Boi' How do you respond to obstacles when it comes to making a music video? Music videos are hard. There is a lot of collaboration, moving parts, and help from our very talented friends (also a lot of duct tape). Once you get everyone together in one place and the ball gets rolling you've got to work with what you have and keep on rolling despite challenges that may pop up. What does it take to apply all your focus in making a project come to fruition? A lot of time, thought, and careful planning. You've got to choose the right people for the job. We really lucked out this time getting to work with such talented people and also make a lot of new friends in the process. What are you gaining from spending your time on ultimately doing what you love? Financial ruin. Are there any other passions aside from your music that's getting your attention? Tony is working on growing his hot sauce diary, also making computer programs, & playing halo! Sam likes spending time doing things outdoors. Hiking, biking, disc golf, & climbing things he probably shouldn't. Also enjoy halo! Leave links here:

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