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Exclusive Interview with Los Angeles Punk Band The Damed

THE DAMED is an unapologetic Los Angeles punk infused post punk band fronted by guitarist-vocalist Heather Hellskiss and drummer Watts Yoshizawa. Angular stricken guitar riffs soaked in chorus and fuzz feed the brooding driving bass lines that weave between the tom-ridden disco punk surf beats. The sarcastic, aggressive lyrics are thrusted at you like knives while still maintaining a comforting catchy melody. The Damed writes songs about feminism, equal rights and is fueled by angst caused by political and social unrest.

Who are you taking a page from when it comes to achieving your music goals?

The Damed: Patti Smith. She doesn't hold back on her political/social views and isn't commercial.

What do you have your heart set on for your music career?

The Damed: National and International touring.

When are you finishing up your next project?

The Damed: We are currently in the process of finishing up mixing and mastering our second release.

How do you respond to obstacles in the music making process?

The Damed: If you hit a wall, step away. Let things marinate. Come back with a fresh approach.

What does it take to apply all your focus in making a project come to fruition?

The Damed: A deep passion for your craft.

What are you gaining from spending your time on ultimately doing what you love?

The Damed: A more fruitful existence. Creating art is a personal journey and very therapeutic.

Are there any other passions aside from your music that's getting your attention?

The Damed: I am very passionate about climate change and lessening our carbon footprint. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Find The Damed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube & Spotify. For Press Inquiries:


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