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"Fake" by Lauv & Conan Gray is a Witty Message of Frustration to Fake Friends

Lauv recruited Conan Gray for the release of his new song "Fake" - the two artists deliver a deep, yet sassy message of frustration that many in their generation can relate to.

The song is about friends and people in the world that seem fake. The lyrics detail the social-media generation's problem with projecting a certain image and acting a completely different way. The verses, first sung by Lauv and then by Conan Gray, detail the things people do that make them so superficial. The chorus, sung by both artists, drives their point home - Lauv's final hook, "When the real you's back I'll pick up my phone," explains their frustration.

The track is mellow, driven by a single acoustic guitar backed by dreamy piano and percussion effects. "Fake" is Gray's first collaboration, and the two feel like a vocal match made in heaven - their voices compliment each other perfectly. Colorful and vibrant, "Fake" is available to stream and download everywhere now.


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