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Fresh Lady’s Valentine’s Single: Biscuits with Honey out February 11th

As a hardcore Brooklyn bagel and pizza lover, Fresh Lady never thought biscuits were her thing. Then she moved to Nashville, Tennessee and realized she didn’t know what she had been missing. Enter her Georgia raised, southern gentleman Craig Waters who lovingly calls her Biscuit.

After touring together for years with various projects across the southeast, and lots of biscuits in between, these two didn’t know what rest was. Enter COVID stage left. Having only lived together for two months, this young couple found themselves with nothing to do but each other. Between these “studio sessions,” the Georgia guitarist and the Brooklyn artist shared countless simple loving moments, inspiring a song about how powerful small acts of love can truly be.

Just in time for Valentine’s, Fresh Lady brings us an unapologetic love song—think Alicia Keys meets Adele. With massive colorful harmonies, titillating guitar melodies, and an R&B infused deep pocket groove, this song gets you in the mood for love. Sure, it’s sexy, but ultimately it’s about recognizing how good it feels to anticipate the needs of the person you love, and to be part of the reason they’re happy. If acts of service is one of your love languages, add this to your playlist. Out on all streaming platforms February 11th.


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