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Glen Templeton Gets As "Country As You Wanna Get" In New Video

Glen Templeton brings an unmatched level of honky tonk swagger to his latest music video "Country As You Wanna Get." The first official music video Templeton has debuted in nearly a decade, "Country As You Wanna Get" is an anthem for the southern bred and backwoods fed way of living that GT never outgrew.

"I've always been true to myself and my music has always followed suit," Templeton states, "But there's something about this song that feels so much more 'me' than anything I've put out in awhile. This was the perfect time for a new video because I didn't have to sell a story line or pretend to be someone I'm not. Honestly, there were moments where I forgot the cameras were on."

Hosted by Country Rebel at The Rebel Ranch, the video showcases one of country music's favorite pastimes: line dancing. Ironically enough, Templeton's team made it halfway through filming before learning that he was actually a former instructor.

"It was a blast watching all of the dancers learn the steps," Glen laughs, "It brought back a lot of good memories, and it was just one more part of the experience that made everything flow so naturally."

"Country As You Wanna Get" is available to stream/download now, with the official music video to follow with a December 18 premiere on Heartland TV. For more, visit!

*Special thanks to video sponsors HK Transport and The Event Company


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