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“Happy Again” - A Simultaneously Hopeful & Melancholy Single

L.A. based singer/songwriter/model Kel Adore gives lonely listeners a song of hope with her new single, “Happy Again." Adore starts by painting scenes of happy couples through the lens of someone who recently had their heart broken. “Couple of lovers out by the dock, hand in hand and her laugh wouldn’t stop…stolen touch at a table for two, that was the kinda thing we use to do”.

The chorus sings a hopeful refrain, “Maybe one day we’ll be happy-a happy-again.” Adore empathizes with everyone who’s had their heart broken by a cheating partner, because we all know the relationship is likely doomed after such a betrayal. And even so, the truth is, there is often still a small part of us that hopes things could still work out. Kel Adore gives a voice to even that small feeling of hopefulness, however right or wrong, with her new single, “Happy Again”.

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