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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Thank you for taking this interview with us Brynn! How do you keep up with confidence?

Confidence is all about accepting yourself for who you are. I've been through many things in life that have pushed me to work on my own character and work ethic. I'm at a point now where I love who I am, and it shows through my music and my actions. I make time for self-love, friends, family, and music, of course! I keep up with my mental and physical health and make adjustments as necessary. If I feel like my self-esteem is dropping, I make a change to better myself.

Was this inspiration to make Confident Woman?

As women, we are taught to keep our bodies to ourselves and remain humble. Confident Woman is all about embracing your sexuality and your power. The song is meant to encourage women not to shy away from feeling themselves. We are entitled to be our true, authentic selves and have some fun along the way. It's not an inherently bad thing to find someone who makes your clock tick and connect with them on whatever level you're comfortable with. Women are taught that we can say "no", which is true and so important. Confident Woman is there to remind us ladies that we can also give a resounding "yes".

Who is a confident woman in your life that you admire?

My grandmother, I call her Nanny, is a superwoman. At 79 years old, she owns and operates her own furniture store in New Mexico. She goes to work every day to run the store. She has worked her way up from being dirt poor and eating spice cake for every meal to being an essential part of her city's local economy. She is a philanthropist and strives to make the world a better place in any way she can. At Christmastime, struggling people from her area write her letters, and she gives them the basic furniture they need to make life a little more comfortable. She has given countless mattresses to families who can't afford them for their kids. I look up to her, and she is my inspiration to get out of bed some days. If my Nanny can do everything she does at age 79, I can get out of bed and take on another day.

Were there challenges in the release of this single?

Honestly, the release of Confident Woman was rather seamless! I have released singles a few times now, and I am getting the hang of it. The hardest part was sticking to the schedule I made for social media posts, interviews, and other promotions. Life can get in the way if I don't make those things a priority. Promotion can be tedious and taxing, but I remind myself that it is necessary and important. The next challenge will be perfecting my single release process and staying focused in the future.

You have such a cool vibe! Is there advice you can give to your fans on how to stay cool when maybe they don't feel it?

To the people reading this that don't feel cool: YOU ARE AWESOME. You are unique! Just be yourself and leave things better than you found them. Doing good makes you feel good, and no one can do things like you can. Whatever that thing is that makes you feel awesome, do it more often. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you're incredible, that you deserve to be happy, to thrive. You may not believe those things yet, but affirming yourself every day will help you move towards that mindset. Listen to my music and dance alone in your room until you feel cool, because you are!

Who is an icon in the business that you look up to when you need an extra boost in confidence?

It may seem like an interesting choice, but I love Kesha! The situations she's been forced to go through as a musician are astonishing, yet somehow she continues to write songs of hope and confidence. She knows she got something unique that people like. She has something to say, and she's going to say it. If you don't like what she's saying, don't listen to her. I love her mentality. On the days where I feel a little beat down, I listen to Kesha's music and remember that I'm hot stuff!!

Any upcoming music you can talk about?

Yes! I am releasing a single before the end of this year. It's going to be a love song, which is different for me. When I play it at my live shows, fans always tell me how much they love and connect with it. I'm hoping this holds true when I release it to the world!

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