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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

“Baby you’re like Miami / You’re like sunshine and then you’re rain / Act one way with me then you change” - lyrics from "LIKE A WAVE"

You are doing amazing work with your music! What has been your favorite project so far?

My favorite project so far has to be writing and recording my debut single “Novela“ back in 2020. I worked with one of my favorite producers/artists Mic Massive and created such a fun Latin pop song that was the first song I released to the world! I then went on to organize and release a music video for this song this year in March 2021 which was also so much fun collaborating with a cast and crew and seeing my vision for Novela brought to life. Do you work on themes when it comes to how to start a project? Usually when I begin my writing process, I usually come up with a melody or already have beats presented to me to write a melody and lyrics to. I usually am able to know the mood and theme of the song just by hearing the music which gives me direction to go while creating. Who do you want to work with next? I would really love to collaborate with another Latin pop artist which is actually in the works! His name is Kayson Luis who was actually a finalist on “La Voz” -(Spanish version of the voice.) You have this really fun and fabulous vibe! Did you make a conscious effort to make that happen? Yes! For so long I was really trying to find my sound and image as an artist. During the pandemic, I really was able to dive deep and experiment with my writing and creating different styles of music. I really wanted to release upbeat music that showcased my Latin culture and could also really move people in such a dark time. This led me to release my Latin pop EP self titled “Reina Mar: The EP” back in October 2020. On the other end you really go there when it comes to your music and being vulnerable. How do you balance it all?

Creating music to me is like an outlet that I am able to express my emotions through which keeps me balanced in my everyday life. At first, the thought of releasing my original music to the world was scary since there are lyrics that are personal to me and some songs were definitely created when I was in a vulnerable place, but I realized that others could relate to my music and my songs had the power to move others. When it all comes together, what makes you, YOU when it comes to your music? When it all comes together, I am a Latin pop artist that loves creating music others could relate to and bringing joy and happiness through my music. Can you leave us with your favorite lyrics in your catalogue now? This is from my song “Like a Wave” featuring rapper Angel The Prince off of my EP. “Baby you’re like Miami / You’re like sunshine and then you’re rain / Act one way with me then you change”

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