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Joanna Borne Petitions for Real Human Connection in "My Friend"

In our social media-oriented reality, Joanna Borne petitions for true human connection in her newest single, “My Friend.” The song encapsulates the heart-breaking truth of living in our society: forming relationships without a screen is a rarity. The era of comfortably reaching out to friends is over, replaced with a burdensome feeling.

“There’s nothing that can replace being fully present with another human being… unaltered by substance, unrestricted by technology and obligations. No amount of texting or partying can ever replace that,” says the Canada-bred, Nashville artist.

Borne delivers cinematic, international, and ethereal elements to her genre-bending pop. Her unique, smokey vocal tone combines all components of a song and differentiates her sound from others. “My Friend” unites a dreamy beat with diary entries, revealing the emotionally raw lyricism behind the single.

“Music has always been how I express myself freely and connect to people; all of my songs are written from real emotions inspired by real experiences; this song is no different. I’m hoping I give people something they value, can relate to, and make their own.”

“My Friend” is available now on all streaming platforms, and make sure to follow @joannabornemusic on social media!

Listen to Joanna Borne's new single "My Friend" & more on Spotify!


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