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Judy Paster Strips Down New Single, "My Better Half"

Judy Paster wants to spend whatever time she has left with her better half. The Americana singer-songwriter strips down “My Better Half” for a refreshing acoustic version, sung straight from the heart. The sweet love song is stripped down to its bare bones and backed solely by an acoustic guitar while keeping the gentle melody. The single perfectly captures Judy Paster’s heart and spirit of letting love rule and the rest of the world melt away.

The single which comes off Judy Paster’s comes at a time when listeners need nothing more than a feel good love song. You can hear the unfiltered love in her voice throughout the entire song with sweet music vibes. The upbeat song makes you want to grab your sweetheart and let the worries fade away.

The “My Better Half” (Acoustic) is Judy Pastor’s first release since her 2019 album Like Stardust, and is available on all music platforms.


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