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KinderCrowdControl Shares Upcoming Projects In Exclusive Interview

Any exclusive news you can share here with us?

Edem: We recently released our latest single “FREEKA!” This is another segment we composed for Sandra Ban’s live fine art performance scheduled for June in Croatia entitled “Peace". The music contribution is in 7 parts. So far, we have released “Yes”, “Atomic Tango” (2 segments- check it out!) and now “FREEKA!”. The other sections are in progress as we speak.

Brett: Be on the lookout for our new “FREEKA!” video. We’ll post it soon on all our social media. How are you pushing yourself for new sounds? Edem: When we compose music with KinderCrowdControl we always strive to find new and exciting sounds. But, at the same time, these new approaches to sound are created in response to the concept of the composition. We don’t force a sound onto a piece; we follow the music. For instance, the Voxbox on “Yes” fits the concept of the piece perfectly.

Brett: We’re constantly pushing for new sounds, but more importantly our approach is to look for ways of blending new sounds with traditional sounds. We find the blend of new and old to be crucial in our overall song writing because it creates a musical connection that people can relate to. If something is too traditional it’s judged to be too old or stale; too new and it’s too experimental or unrelatable. Our efforts in finding that balance has resonated very well with our audience and gives us a much better connection with them. What is some groundbreaking work you are trying to accomplish with your new music? Edem: Having no preconceived notions regarding the music we create. We take Sandra’s direction and build a song around that. So, by not having any preconceived ideas before tackling each movement of Sandra’s conceptual audio design, we are always pushing our boundaries musically. Also, our approach to Sandra’s vocals... these act as voice-over or Sandra-as-MC, if you will, to our sounds. Her message, delivery, and words often counterpoint our music. The result is an intriguing and complex sonic tapestry.

Brett: I don’t see our music as necessarily “groundbreaking”, but rather more like a journey into the unknown: fresh and exciting. We like to combine elements of our art with elements of our music; to get sound and vision working together in order to tap into a listener’s raw emotions and give them something beautiful. What do you want to feature with your music that is important to you? Edem: Our unique approach and sound. KinderCrowdControl is our truth.

Brett: To shed what’s not important, leaving only what is. Timing is everything, how does this ring true in this new year? Edem: Well, this is true. In the past, before we teamed up with BsquaredMGMT, we released music as each piece was finished. This might take a month, sometimes 3 months. Now, due to our partnership, and the influence of various music world figures, we are pushing ourselves to release at least one song a month. In the new paradigm of creating internet “impressions”, I suppose it is important to release as much as we can, as regularly as we are able to. The rest is out of our hands. Our recent single “FREEKA!” is about freedom and human interaction; crucially important at this juncture in history.

Brett: To tell the truth, I’ve never thought about timing when it comes to our music. I’ve only ever been interested in how the music sounds to me. “Timing” is something Historians will talk about after some randomly lucky event has occurred. Randomness is everywhere. Luck is all around us. Timing happens all the time. With all the changes in the world, how are you changing it for the better? Edem: Putting out the message of love, freedom, and human interaction. Constantly.

Brett: By not hurting it. By giving more than we’re receiving. Any new music that is changing your life? Edem: Getting out of our comfort zones and creating something that is new for us and the music world.

Brett: Constantly. I’m loving the music evolution/revolution that’s been going on. There’s so much out there to hear. Much more than I can possibly listen to. I love to surf “New Music” just to hear what’s happening. I often buy a few things along the way too. I think the world constantly craves new music, and right now the world is getting an ear full. How is it changing our lives? Through KinderCrowdControl we’re able to deliver the kind of music that we hope will resonate with other people and perhaps help change their lives along the way. Give us more insight into what you're doing next! Edem: We are deep into the last segments for Sandra Ban’s fine art performance soundtrack. We have 2 remaining. Follow our story for updates!

Brett: We’re continuing to work art and music together by blending sound and vision into one: all done in the KinderCrowdControl way. We’re on an ambitious track to deliver a lot of music this year so keep an eye on us. Socials for your music!

Thanks for asking! Here you go:

IG, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon music etc etc: kindercrowdcontrol (remember that’s one word!)


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