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  • Shannon McNaughton

LA Pop-Artist Kel Adore Is a “Fool For The Pain” In New Single Release

"I think this song is special because it is painfully honest about navigating the challenges of life as humans"

Emerging from Los Angeles, California, upcoming indie-pop artist and model Kel Adore is expressing her creative abilities through her love of music. Although a newcomer to the music scene, the California native affirms her position within the highly competitive pop industry with the release of "Fool For The Pain."

“Fool For The Pain” is a lyrically expressive story narrating the artists desire to hold on to the wrong person. The track encompasses a heavy emotional ambiance which draws you into the deep connection that Kel Adore has to the song.

In an article with Mundane Magazine, Kel Adore notes that “Fool for the Pain’ highlights the duality we face within ourselves when we subject ourselves to things (and people) who do more harm than good. It encourages the listener to think deeply about who they are.”

Find all links and info on Kel Adore by checking out her website:

Click here to stream the single and find Kel on socials!


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