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Lana Del Rey's "Let Me Love You Like a Woman" is a Dreamy Preview of Her Upcoming Album

Lana Del Rey shared the debut single from her upcoming album Chemtrails Over the Country Club this past Friday, "Let Me Love You Like a Woman."

The track is in her usual dreamy, haunting style - she sings over a stripped piano accompaniment for the majority of the track. In her lyrics, she's asking a lover to leaver Los Angeles with her and let her love him "like a woman" in her chorus. In the verses, her lyrics detail her wishes to leave the big city and return to her small hometown with her love. She's backed by eerie harmonies, and it isn't until the end when light percussion and other instrumentation is added to build the passion behind her sentiment.

Co-written with her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff, the track is all kinds of dreamy yet haunting. "Let Me Love You Like a Woman" is Del Rey's first single since the release of her album Norman F***ing Rockwell back in 2019. Chemtrails Over the Country Club is set for release in either December 2020 or January 2021, but for now you can stream and download the debut single everywhere now.


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