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  • Jamison Costolnick

Lil Nas X assures that League of Legends teams will be “STAR WALKIN’” in style throughout their jour

Lil Nas X assures that League of Legends teams will be “STAR WALKIN’” in style throughout their journey to World Finals this November

Teased to the public as early as May of this year, the anticipation of the anthem, “STAR WALKIN’” by Lil Nas X in partnership with the League of Legends 2022 World Championship has grown to other-worldly levels. Originally scheduled for release on Sept. 23, fans were more than pleased to see the song was out a day earlier than expected. Initiating an almost immediate positive response, this release once again proved just how successful the collaboration of such industries and their respective communities can be.

League of Legends, published by Riot Games in 2009 has become one of the largest games and in turn, the largest global community, within the ESports Industry to date. The 2022 World Championship will begin on Sept. 29 and end with Finals on Nov. 5 in San Francisco. With more than 24 teams across the globe going head to head for the most anticipated competition of their career, the anthem for such had to be nothing short of iconic.

Who better to ask than Lil Nas X?

Fresh off his theatrical 2021 release, “MONTERO”, currently traveling on the “Long Live Montero Tour” showcasing some of the most grandiose performances of his career, the bar for his upcoming sophomore release is higher than ever before. However, with the release of “STAR WALKIN’” there is no doubt that his sound is locked and loaded to produce another project equally as genuine and unapologetic as the first.

Gaining a glimpse into the world of Montero has been a journey fans aren’t just ready to say goodbye to yet. However, with the vast development of everything from his identity to his creative dynamic and direction throughout the past year, audiences alike are excited to see just what chapter comes next in the story of Montego Lamar Hill.

Watch the music video to “STAR WALKIN’”

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