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Mariah Carey Revives Broadway Musical Fame, Releases Cover of "Out Here On My Own"

On September 17th, Mariah Carey posted a short clip of herself singing a cover of the song "Out Here On My Own," from the critically-acclaimed Broadway musical Fame,

accompanied by an excerpt from her upcoming memoir. She revealed the meaning of the

musical to her personally, and in her musical career. The next day, she released her full rendition of the song.

She sang "Out Here On My Own" for a talent show her mother entered her in around the time Fame was adapted to film in 1980. She related strongly to the ballad - she felt it "described her entire life." She idolized Irene Cara and "lived" for the production. In 2000, she recorded the cover but has been keeping it to herself until now, tweeting this morning "from the depths of the vault."

In the track she showcases her incredible vocal range in five octaves - she was most definitely born to sing this song. "Out Here On My Own" is to be included on her upcoming project, The Rarities, a compilation of unreleased songs, b-sides, and other rare songs, set for release on October 2. For now you can stream "Out Here On My Own" everywhere now.


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