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Matt Oakley's Breakup Anthem: "Can't Take The Dogs"

Matt Oakley puts his boot down in his new modern country single, “Can’t Take The Dogs." The breakup anthem highlights a big issue in a lot of splits – who gets the dogs.

“I was talking to a friend about a breakup they went through. They moved out, took the dog, and left everything else,” says Oakley. “I had this song written for a while but I booked studio time to finish it later that day.”

From Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation to Chase Rice bringing his black lab Jack out on stage, country music loves its pets as much as it loves its whiskey and backroads. Matt Oakley is now highlighting his love in song, making it known that “you can take whatever you want, but you can’t take the dogs.”

Watch the official music video, featured by Heartland TV and CMT, below:


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