• Shannon McNaughton

Nate DiRuzza Renders a Plea For Love in New Single, “I and You.”

Everyone eventually wants to put the love between I and you with someone

Indie singer-songwriter and recording artist Nate DiRuzza pairs heartfelt lyrics with a groovy 70s tune in his new single, “I and You.” DiRuzza sings the catchy hook "won't you put your love between I and You,” that draws the listener into its witty, yet sincere narrative.

Nates co-writer heard the vision that he had for the song and decided to run with emotion-infused lyrics. “So as I'm pouring my feelings out in our write, it made sense to just say what was on my mind. I wanna be.....all these things, and now that's how the lyrics are.” The heavy acoustic-led production was deliberately kept simple, allowing the weighty electric guitar tremolo effects to lead the track.

“I and You” is just a preliminary of what is to come - a full album due in late 2022. The upcoming project will highlight DiRuzza’s creative journey.

"I and You" is available now on all streaming platforms.

Website: https://www.natediruzza.com/

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