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New Year Interview Series | Dariann Leigh

"Mostly, I want to soak up the moments, and be as present in those moments as possible"

What is the best thing to happen to you in 2021, personal or music?

The best thing to happen to me in 2021 is definitely the release of “Let Me Go”. That song had, and still has me feeling empowered. It’s been awesome watching others feel the same way through it, and to see the jam sessions it’s brought.

What do you believe was your biggest musical achievement?

This year I think my biggest musical achievement was I purely working on, and doing what I love the most as a priority. I love to write, so I focused on writing. I love to play shows, and I played in front of crowds I’ve dreamt of my entire life. I love to model, and I challenged myself to create my own model styled content. It was all so fun!

What was the biggest challenge in 2021?

My biggest challenge in 2021 was truthfully, as many other artists have done and are doing the same - would be the momentum post pandemic. It was challenging to have such a good thing going, and see it all pause. Picking it back up came naturally, but there was a lot of grinding behind the scenes that had to be done to keep the ball rolling throughout the entire thing and now.

Do you have a favorite song or album from 2021?

Oh my favorite album from 2021 for me is easily, Carly Pearce “29:Written In Stone”. So good!

What’s something that brings pleasure in your life right now, big or small?

Having had just moved, I’d say one of the small joys is not having a box around! Hahah!

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

I do! There’s lots career based, but those don’t end once the year is through. And there’s a few personal ones as well.

Mostly, I want to soak up the moments, and be as present in those moments as possible.

If you had a theme song to start off 2022, what would it be?

Easily the Friends theme song!

New music plans in 2022?

I have a few songs that I’ve been keeping in my pocket that are definitely burning a hole and are ready to roll on this new year!

What is something you hope to achieve in 2022, music or non-music related?

Truthfully, I want to hold true to the plans I made before moving. Get my name in the ears of the people that matter, make friends, write killer songs, and start playing shows here. I could shoot for the moon with this one, but these are things I’d like to do just as much. - I’d also like to revive my abs… those are currently in progress😂


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