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  • Lindsey White

No fool - Presley Tennant plays her cards with a new song, "Gamble on You"

The beginning of a new relationship is all about risk-taking. You look into their eyes, try to read what they are saying without saying it, make a move, and hope it's the right one. Truly, a relationship can be like a gamble, a counting of the gains and losses, making spur of the moment decisions, and risking heartbreak for the possibility of true love. Presley Tennant describes this in her newest single, “Gamble on You”, which was inspired by the time she took a chance on someone special to her.

Her belting voice and strong vocals linger in the space of “Gamble on You” with energy and hopefulness. The country music adds to the feeling of playing poker in a western bar, eyes shaded beneath a cowgirl hat.

Presley Tennant made a wise move with this newest release, which has captivated her audience with the relatability of the theme and characteristic sound of her voice and music.

Play your cards right by adding “Gamble on You” to your country music playlist and following Presley on social media.

Facebook @presleytennant


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