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  • Keith Bunn

Presley Aaron Looks For Clarity with “I Wanna Know”

In his newest single “I Wanna Know,” Presley Aaron grinds rip-roaring guitar riffs into heated territory, engraving the electricity of a traditional country song into a fiery confession. Aaron finds a balance between himself and others, profoundly asserting, “I wanna know … who's got my back when I’m feelin’ low,'' fully aware of his worth. With humble appreciation for his personality, Aaron introduces himself as an honest individual with morals to match. With an addictive hook, “I Wanna Know” blends a country rhythm into an arena-ready rock n’ roll sized chorus. Aaron pushes to be himself, dismissing any previous attempt for people to take him for granted.

Weaving in an explosive electric guitar solo just before the bridge, Aaron observes the importance of instrumentation to convey emotion through a song. Recognizing insincerity among those closest to him, Aaron adapts a “it is what it is” outlook on life, fully expressing it with “I Wanna Know.”

You can rock out to “I Wanna Know” now at!

To stay connected with Presley, follow him on social media @presleyaaronofficial!


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