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Ruel Releases the First Single From His Upcoming EP, "As Long As You Care"

Rising Australian pop artist Ruel released "As Long As You Care" on September 10th, his first single since last his EP in 2019. The song is the first single released from his upcoming EP, set for release in October.

In the track, he sings about missing someone in his life while he's away at work. He sings "I haven't seen your face in miles and miles / Always on a different continent, don't forget

me now." In the chorus, he continues to detail his work life of catching red-eye flights and performing under bright lights. However, he holds on to hope - he sings, "As long as you're here,"revealing the one thing that is keeping him moving forward.

Ruel's smooth voice flows perfectly over the song's mellow, groovy vibe, making for a captivating feel. In leu of the release, he revealed the single is the first single from his upcoming EP, which will be titled Bright Lights & Red Eyes after his lyrics in the chorus. The project is to be released sometime in October, but for now you can stream "As Long As You Care" everywhere now.


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