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  • Bryn Keeney

Sam Smith’s New Sound?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Sam Smith and Kim Petras have now had a four-week reign at the top of the charts with their recent release ‘Unholy.’ A different sound than Smith’s fans are used to from them, the track shows a more sexy, menacing side of the artist.

With help from TikTok trends, the track has been shared thousands of times in many different ways, even before its release on September 22. From dances to glamorous transitions, participants seem to be loving this radical departure from Smith’s past releases.

These dark lyrics make a statement. Following the story of an unfaithful husband and a wife who didn’t know, the track is bound to catch your attention. These dark lyrics are beautifully complemented by intense bass drums, a fierce beat and exceptional background vocals. All coming together to allow for an alluring sound that forces you to click that ‘replay’ button.

This is just the beginning of Smith’s new album! To keep up with any updates be sure to follow them on social media:


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