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Sarantos - A Spoonful of Greece

Sarantos brings true passion on the spellbinding “A Spoonful of Greece”. A geometric approach to the sound means it works on multiple levels. Pieces of classic Greek folk blend effortlessly with pop meets EDM, featuring slight nods to funk. Highly catchy the groove proves to be truly infectious for there is a sweeping cinematic joy about the whole thing. The exploration of a sense of place imbues the song with a geographic mastery. Once more, his guitar work proves to be a wonderful counterpoint to his voices. Drums too have a nimbleness to them. Right in the very periphery of it all are those sweeping strings that add to the intrinsic ornate architecture of the track.

Quiet at first the song has an ancient quality to it. From there the rest of the song gradually comes into place. The old/new aspect of it gives nods to the group They Might Be Giants in terms of its flexibility. Upon the inclusion of the vocals the song steadily rises on up. Optimism rests right at the very core of all the action. Electronic flourishes initially rest on the sides but are slowly brought into the song’s very DNA. Wild and unexpected, the track’s celebratory mood is outright welcoming. Done with such love to it the very last stretch of the work sees everything worked into an absolute frenzied amount of activity.

“A Spoonful of Greece” shows off Sarantos’ fire and intensity with a song that absolutely touches the very soul.


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