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Soulchess' Latest Single "Say Goodbye"

Soulchess are a band based in Nashville, Tennessee yet seriously defy what you may typically think of as ‘Nashville Music’. Consisting of 4 members from wildly varying musical backgrounds, the band has a sound that is the epitome of a musical fusion. The defining features of their music are: A strong sense of melody in every song, an expansive sound that is packed with energy and the presence of interesting genre blending. The influence of drum and bass and other forms of dance music can be heard in their choice of rhythms. The artistic vision being guided by guitarist/programming producer, Chris Goodyear’s appreciation for drum and bass/Dance music’s ‘big sound’. What Soulchess are trying to do is take a song that will stand up on its own when stripped right down; throw in all the instruments you’d expect a band to play and then essentially remix it like a DJ might. It’s an experiment, but these guys are certainly not defined by culture, background or genre. Soulchess are as intrigued as anyone to see what the outcome maybe! Their debut single ‘say goodbye’, released January 2021 amidst the Covid pandemic and national turmoil, is a letting go and moving on anthem. It captures a unification of sounds and backgrounds. And if they can unite sounds and sonic backgrounds maybe, just maybe, Soulchess can be a unifying force beyond their music.


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