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Stevie Ray Stephens Redefines the Meaning of "Ladylike"

Ladylike by Stevie Rae Stephens was released in 2019, and it consists of 13 tracks all with equally empowering messages. Within the album, she explores on themes of feminism, confidence, and love - and its title track is possibly its most powerful.

The lyrics to "Ladylike" are unapologetic and full of confidence. "I will turn these hands into knives / And show you my ladylike," Stephens belts over the heavy beat of the track. The lyrics continue to push back against standards held to women of being fragile, dainty, and "Ladylike." The bridge slows the song down to a melodramatic call to action for women everywhere: "It's time we learn how to fight / Cause lines are blurred and our voices go unheard." Vocally, she's a powerhouse - her fiery voice adds to the track, bringing her sentiment home. The track is sure to resonate with women everywhere, and can even be an inspiration to anyone else who needs a confidence boost.

Ladylike was released in 2019, and it continues to garner success. It's Stephens' third full-length album, following Burn in 2017 and her debut album Let Me Go in 2013. Hailing from California and residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Stephens has performed on American Idol and continues to perform locally in rounds. In addition, she directs the award-winning feminist production The Vagina Monologues. She hopes to empower and inspire others through her music and all of her creative works. Stream and download Ladylike everywhere now, and be sure to check out Stephens' website below.


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