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  • Anabel Rossi

The Drew Ryder Smith Trilogy

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

From starting out his career in working in radio to a world traveling producer, award winning songwriter, and singer, music industry veteran, Drew Ryder Smith, is taking over the country music scene. Drew already has two single releases in his discography that were big hits. Released in September of 2022, Smith’s first single “Exes” was a man’s perspective on a break up and becoming someone’s ex. “Exes” was part of the top ten “most added” songs on Country Digital, Indie Country, and Indie Digital. Prior to that, Drew’s first single “The Truth” hit the music scene in late 2021 and was chosen for an editorial playlist on Spotify.

Now adding onto those two very successful singles, Drew Smith is releasing three brand new songs in anticipation of his brand new EP. On February 7th, the newest trilogy of Drew Smith singles “Calling Me Back,” “Don’t Wake Me Up,” and “The Bottom of It” will be released to the world on all streaming platforms. This EP is a long awaited release for Drew Smith fans that will be dropping very shortly after these three leading singles.

When looking at the depths of these songs, they all put together such an artistic story of love and heartbreak. “Don’t Wake Me Up” is a heartfelt song about Drew imagining the woman of his dreams, but his dreams are the only place that this love can truly be pursued. “The Bottom of It” is the perspective of loving relationship yet they don’t know if they should label it as love or practice. “Calling Me Back” is focused on the love that never worked out but the memories always linger in the back of his mind. These three songs are all created very uniquely with different tempos, melodies and lyrics that perfectly craft the meaning behind every lyrics.

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