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Watch Out for R&B Sensation Dylan Bernard in 2021!

Music Magazine has listed L.A. based R&B artist Dylan Bernard as one of the upcoming acts that will take off in 2021. His unique 2019 single “Higher” in which he talks about his relationship with music gathered over 12 million streams on Youtube rather quickly and quite to his surprise. He says in an interview :"The truth is, I’ve literally had writer’s block since I wrote “Higher". After the success of that song, I wasn’t sure how to follow it up.”

Dylan came up with a creative solution and transformed his struggles into his EP called “Writer’s Block” which will be released early next year and has already dropped the title track on Dec 4. "Ironically “Writer’s Block” was the song that ended my real life writer’s block, …”, he explains.

The singer self-produced the entire EP saying: "I wanted to challenge myself during quarantine to create something from scratch and I ended up loving it. I honestly spend most of my days producing tracks and writing to them, even if there are no plans to release them! There’s just something special about having the freedom to take exactly what I’m hearing in my head, and create it. It’s been such a release for me.”

Dylan Bernard caught attention with his smooth and tender sound focusing on his soulful lyrics and guitar. He has been an insider’s tip in the music world since his debut EP “Sparks” of 2017 and is said to have a very promising next year. Go check him out if you haven’t heard him yet!


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