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Week 5 And Counting For Superstar Olivia Rodrigo

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

By: Emily Friedman

This marks week five for artist Olivia Rodrigo. Her hit, “drivers license” has been at the top of the AT 40 charts for five consecutive weeks now. The song’s success is not limited to the radio though. It broke Spotify’s and Amazon Music’s records for the biggest first week for a song.

Rodrigo announced the release of the song on January 4, 2021. A couple of weeks later on January 19, 2021, “drivers license” was released to radio. The song follows one of Rodrigo’s break-ups where she was having trouble getting over the guy and moving on. “drivers license” has Lorde and Taylor Swift tones to it, two of Rodrigo’s biggest influences in her music.

Described as “melodramatic,” “drivers license” is a song that is relatable for more people than just songwriter Rodrigo. “drivers license” is a classic “sad girl song” that really hits home for anyone who has struggled to get over someone they have been in love with and pined over.

Based on the instant success of “drivers license,” it’s no doubt that the 17-year old sensation has a bright future ahead of her. For more from Rodrigo, check out her YouTube channel at


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