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  • Faith Williams

Kell Bailey - Evidence Review

Kell Bailey’s latest album, “Evidence,” has just been released, promising a solid set of fascinating tracks for listeners to enjoy. With this album, Kell seeks to speak out regarding topics such as faith, harmonious existence and belief in God, and he’s pulling all the stops for it. Between the many different features on the record, to its excellent production, we’re eager to put it through our full review process and see how it holds up.

“Evidence” is, first and foremost, a gospel music project, focused primarily on spreading the artist’s beliefs and thoughts. To match this, the album’s musical tone is uproariously inspiring and bright, with most songs being the technical equivalent of being blasted with holy sunshine. It works quite well to the album’s benefit, giving it a sweet and joyous tone that matches its message.

The album commences on an inspiring note with "No One Like Our God." From the very first note, Jeremy Mckain's powerful vocals take center stage, backed by the spirited harmonies of Kell himself. The song is an exultation of the Almighty's grace and unconditional love, enveloping listeners in a wave of praise and worship. The infectious energy of the track sets the tone for the entire album, promising a musical experience that is both uplifting and spiritually fulfilling.

Another big standout track is the beautiful collaboration between Josh Orr, Cierra Kennedy, and the Kell Bailey on "Draw Me Nearer." The track exudes a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, as the vocalists earnestly express their desire to be closer to God. The combination of heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies, and the dynamic interplay between the voices makes this song a standout moment on the album.

One of the album's strengths lies in its production quality. The arrangements are rich and meticulously crafted, allowing each instrument to shine while maintaining a cohesive sound. The mixing and mastering work are top-notch, resulting in a clean and polished listening experience. The production value complements the artists' performances, enhancing the impact of their voices and making the messages conveyed in the lyrics all the more potent.

In conclusion, "Evidence" is an exceptional gospel album that deserves recognition. Listeners will undoubtedly find themselves moved by its raw emotion and the authenticity of the artists' performances. . With its powerful melodies, inspiring lyrics, and impeccable production, "Evidence" is a must-listen for gospel fans.


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